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mercoledì 27 giugno 2012

Asymmetric afro printed skirt

I was busy last week because my boyfriend came to visit me , so I prefer to spend my precious free time with him,'couse I didn't see him for a long time! Last night I wore this asymmetric skirt that I made from an old fabric. I find this afro printed fabric very interesting and joyfull!
 Hope you like it!!

bye :*

lunedì 11 giugno 2012

Easy Sunday

This is a  casual simple outfit that I choose for a relaxing Sunday walk....the sunglasses are vintage,the top handmade with my brooch applied,chinos from Zara and my favorite belt is from Replay , my sister given it to me when I was a little girl about 15 or 16 years ago

sabato 9 giugno 2012

Jewelry box

I have always had a spot on  things that have to do something with Russia, like these  little wooden lacquer boxes!

I've found this pictures (on the left) on the web and they are looking so familiar to me,like I have had seen them somewhere else!I'm sure someone had them!

I remember when I was a child these boxes were usual in my country like the pavlovoposad scarfs!I would like to have one now but I don't ,so I made my own! 

Not having suitable materials, I used what I had at home! Well mine have noting to do with Russian boxes, but have that something ...
 I've never decorated wood and I'm not really satisfied with the result, there are some flaws, but for the first time it can pass, the next will be better J

To make it I've used decoupage technique, never try it before , I'm thinking of doing something else using this technique !
This is my jewelry box , what do you think?

sabato 2 giugno 2012

Leather ring & floral thing

I made a new ring using a small piece of leather that  had left from my metallic clutch!This is the ring and some random pictures of me wearing it with my mam's skirt from the 80's a crochet cardi from the 90's , the diy metallic clutch and my Zara boots!